"I sought financial advisory service from Kriti Capital for my project. The team of highly qualified expert provided me with services I couldn't ask more of. My commercial building project became viable as they assisted me with the preparation of business financial projections. These projections were necessary for securing loans from the bank. Similarly, the exercise helped me price my products (space of the building) appropriately. I am highly impressed by their way of managing customer relationships. I would like to thank Mr. Deepesh Vaidya and his whole team for the services."

- Nilesh Manandhar

"Thank you Kriti Capital and NICA Bank for helping us establish our printing press."

- CTP Nepal

"Service from Kriti Capital & Investments Ltd is very professional. Their online service for checking our portfolio status is very helpful and satisfying."

- Mr. Abhishek Bir Singh Tuladhar

"The question is not about how much money is being managed but in what way is the money is managed. I am very satisfied with the way Kriti Capital has managed my fund, and I am looking forward to such dedication in the coming years too."

- Mr. Shubhadayak Shah

"When I got introduced to the concept of portfolio management by the Team Kriti Capital, the idea seemed fresh and appealing. It worked for me as I was interested in investing my money but had only limited time and knowledge about market trends. With a team of experts doing the work, all you need to do is trust them and sit back. They are professional, know their job, and they are definitely here to stay."

- Shilpa Shrestha

"We have been working with Kriti Capital for past few years, and we are amazed by the company’s commitment to providing excellent service and exceptional advice. The company has been very proactive in keeping us updated about the latest changes in the economy and its implication on our asset portfolio. We have grown to trust Kriti Capital’s advice implicitly. They always work with integrity to achieve the best possible outcomes for their clients. We are impressed by Kriti Capital's knowledge, diligence, and would recommend the company to anyone looking for financial advice."

- Bir Bahadur Ghale, Managing Director, Hydro Energy Concern

"We are absolutely delighted by the customized services Kriti Capital served us with. Their financial advisory and venture promotion services helped us find right investments for our growth, and work with exceptional investors. We are impressed by Kriti's professionalism and would recommend their service whenever possible."

- Suvekchya International Hospital And Research Center, Sitapaila, Kathmandu